Friday, June 8, 2007

Make Me A Millionaire - $1.00 At A Time

Hi Folks,

I am just a regular guy. I am married, have 2 children, own a house and have several pets. I can afford to pay all of my bills most of the time, and when I cannot I get them paid anyhow. In other words I am doing okay financially, but it is in the cards that unless I hit the lotto, or come up with some hair brained scheme, I will never become a millionaire.

I guess becoming a millionaire has always been one of my dreams ever since the show 'The Millionaire' was on television many years ago. In said show, a multi-millionaire would assign his flunky to go out and give million dollar cashier's checks to people the rich guy had selected at random from a telephone book. I knew, even at my young age back then, that this was just never going top happen to me. So I went to school,did my best, then got a job that turned into a career, and wound up making a respectable living as a federal government employee. Still though, I am no millionaire, and am not even close. Since I am not good at creating things, have no high demand skills, am not in show business, and have no to very little talent in money matters, I figured I would try something new for me. So, I decided to become The Humble Beggar.

My goal as The Humble Beggar will be one thing and one thing only, to become a millionaire through Internet begging requesting of a sort, and after that I will accomplish som eother things as described below. As for The Humble Beggar thing, I figure if the low life skells of the world can hustle you on the street corners for your change or a few bucks to buy booze and drugs food, then why shouldn't I be able to ask for money via the Internet. This way I keep it at a less offensive level because I am not getting right in your face, since you actually had to visit my site and continue reading this to figure out what I am doing. If you are still reading I am pleased; if you are finished that is also fine by me. No pressure here.

As to the legality of this, I could find no rules against it; however if anyone is aware that this is illegal or anything like that please let me know at once with references, and I will cease and desist. As far as I am aware the NY state courts hyave upheld the right to beg as being one of free speech.

Now for exactly what I am asking of my readers. That is pretty simple and in order to live up to the name of The Humble Beggar I will keep it on the humble side or in another word -inexpensive. What I would ask is that, if you are over 18 years of age, and have a PayPal account, you send me one dollar toward my goal of becoming a millionaire. I will set a deadline of one year from today for this goal to be accomplished, so my quest will end on June 7, 2008. If I reach the million dollar mark by that time, and I mean after PayPal deducts their fees - so I mean a million dollars clear sent into my PayPal account, I will donate one half of the million dollars to the charity for which I get the most suggestions with each donation. What you would do is send me $1.00 via PayPal, and along with the dollar you would also leave a comment on
this post and in the comment suggest the name of a single charity you believe to be a worthy one. I would tally up the suggestions, and donate half the money to the charity with the most votes. If I do not reach the million dollar mark by the end of one year, I will simply take half of the money I received and donate that to the charity with the most votes.

As for the remainder of the money I receive: I will pay off my mortgage, my daughter's college bills, put money into an account for my son's anticipated college bills, will take my wife on a nice but fairly modest vacation ($3,000.00 or less), buy a new car (nothing extravagant by new car standards, $25,000.00 or less), and pay any taxes I owe on the money you gave me. If anything is left over after that, I will also donate it to the charity as above, and I imagine there would be plenty left over because the mortgage is not all that high.

What do I have to offer to you to give you an incentive to do this, and to trust me that I will do as I say? Basically nothing except my word of honor.

What do I have to gain by cheating anyone? Probably time in a jail for some type of fraud.

What do I have to lose by cheating anyone? My integrity, my self esteem, and likewise the respect of my family, friends and all of you.

What do you have to lose if anything? Basically $1.00, and the time it took you to read this and donate; and if you are especially nice then also the time it would take you to pass on info about my site to others.

What do you have to gain by sending me a dollar? If my goal is reached, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped fulfill my dream of becoming a millionaire, and that anything is possible via the Internet with the help of others. If I reach the million dollar goal, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that a half of a million dollars will have been donated to a charity by me, but that it was only possible because of each of you who gave me a dollar, and because each of you voted as to which charity the donation should be made.

What do I have to gain by all of this? Well I will have become a millionaire if it works, and I will have made a substantial donation to charity, and I will have a nice chunk of change left over to spend as I mentioned above, with probably some left over for an additional donation to charity.

Will this idea take off and fly, or is it just so much craziness on my part to have even thought it up? Well I figure I will get at least 1 dollar, gifted to me, and it will come from me. After that it is all up to you.

My PayPal link is tothe left near top of the page. (Actually there is no link to paypal for this because this was just a fantasy project sort of a blog, I do not intend to actuially do any internet begging.)

Have a nice day,

The Humble Beggar


Send me a dollar said...

I think you should add a paypal link, make it an active page. Just be sure to update people, thats the worst thing about most of the beg pages no updates.

Original said...

Hey I agree with the first comment, add a PayPal link.
And while you're at it spellcheck. Obviously people will pass by and not give you anything, but there are a few that will drop a dollar in your bucket. What have you got to lose? Even 6 bucks a month is 6 bucks a month. Cheers

Luis Carlos said...

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rpenland said...

I think everyone wants to be a millionaire!! I was wondering if you had ever received a letter asking you to send $1.00 for them to add you to there mailing list? I tried this program and it don't work. I thought how they worked the program and I came up with a way that the program would work. You don't have to pay me for the information it is free. All that I ask is to be added at the top of the list. If you are interested email me at and let me know.

Dirk said...

paypal me


Shandeep Ramjeewan said...

Please help me too reach this million' await your contribution.thank you

Angela Padilla said...

Well Hope and pray it works . HERE I Am a disabled mother with 11 children I live in a 1200 square ft apartment. Have been here for five years. I live off of 1400 a month. Don't have a car a never enough for anything. I would like to think there is HOPE FOR US A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. Please if nothing else please please pray for me and my family Angela (559) 397-6252

-Devin Stephens said...
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